Why Is the Most Sued Officer in Berwyn Among the Highest Paid and Promoted?

This Tuesday April 12, Berwyn City Council will vote on the appointment of Berwyn Police Sergeant David Green to Division Commander. Green has been a defendant in five federal lawsuits, which have resulted in more than $80,000 in settlements, and currently earns $66/hour according to 2021 City of Berwyn Payroll Records.

Settled Federal Civil Rights Cases Involving Officer Green

Case 1:05-cv-06646

Federal Lawsuit
Filed 11/22/2005
Defendants: Officers David Green, Cirolia, M. Oschner
Settled for an undisclosed amount in August 2007 (see p8 item 49)

Case 1:08-cv-03528

Federal Lawsuit
Filed 6/19/2008
Defendants: Officer David Green, (former) Chief of Police William Kushner, Officer John Hadjioannou, City of Berwyn
Settled for $20,000 in July 2008 (see p12 item 25)

Case 1:08-cv-01286

Federal Lawsuit
Filed 3/4/2008
Defendants: Officer David Green, Unknown Officers, City of Berwyn
Settled for $11,000 in October 2009 (see p5 item 25)

Case 1:13-cv-01734

Federal Lawsuit
Filed 3/6/2013
Defendants: Officer David Green, Officer Matthew Boskovic, City of Berwyn 
Settled for $35,000 in November 2013 (see p2 item 12)

Case 1:08-cv-01124

Federal Lawsuit
Filed 2/23/2008
Defendants: Officer David Green, City of Berwyn
Settled for $13,500 in December 2008 (see p80)

January 2016 Police Report Detailing Green Losing His Gun During a Physical Fight at a Berwyn Restaurant

In January 2021, the Police and Fire Commission Recommended the Promotion of Officer Green to the rank of Sergeant.


See January 26, 2021 City Council Meeting Minutes, p2, I-2. 

At the January 26, 2021 City Council Meeting, Residents Spoke Out Urging Council to Vote Against Officer Green's Promotion

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See January 26, 2021 City Council Meeting Minutes, p1, B. 

In January 2021, Current Alderman Lennon and Alderman Fejt Voted in Favor of Green's Promotion. Current Alderman Ruiz Abstained. Mayor Lovero Cast the Deciding Vote. Green Was Promoted.

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 11.56.39 AM

See January 26, 2021 City Council Meeting Minutes, p2, I-2. 

In Addition Green's 5 Federal Civil Rights Lawsuits, Residents Also Raised Concerns at the Council Meeting About Green's Online Harassment of Berwyn Residents

City Employee ($30Hour)

After the 17 Emails from Residents Were Summarized in Open Forum, Mayor Lovero Responded with His Own Statement:

from Mayor Robert Lovero’s response: “There were several officers listed [in those lawsuits] as they normally are in these types of cases. So to say Detective Green cost this City money, he and he alone, is misinformation… However his unwise comments on social media perturbed me also… He did it on his off time so there’s nothing I can do as the City with respect to his conduct…”

NOTE: Officer Green's Wife, City Administrator Ruth Siaba-Green, Files Complaint Against First Amendment Auditor Sean Reyes "Long Island Auditor," Leading to His Arrest By Berwyn Police. The Young Turks Covered the Incident in a Video with 6M Views

Green’s record was covered by free speech activist Sean Reyes, known as Long Island Auditor (LIA), in a November 2021 livestream that reached over 124,000 views on his Youtube channel.

Reyes is a “First Amendment auditor”; auditors livestream themselves on public property and police stations across the nation to verify that their right to film in a public place is respected by City employees. Officer Green’s wife, City Administrator Ruth Siaba-Green ($63/hour salary) signed a complaint against Reyes for livestreaming her, leading to his arrest. Reyes filmed his arrest which shows officers detaining him without cause. The incident was covered by the news show The Young Turks in a segment that has reached more than 6M views.

NOTE: The City of Berwyn Awarded Officer Green a $46,559 Workers Compensation Settlement in October 2021

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 11.35.24 AM
Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 11.35.47 AM

Source of Settlement: 10/26/21 Berwyn City Council Minutes (See p2 item J-2)

NOTE: Job Descriptions for Division Commander, which Green will be Appointed to on April 12, 2022, on the Recommendation of Mayor Robert Lovero and Police Chief Michael Cimaglia

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 9.13.30 PM

Source: 2022 City of Berwyn Annual Budget (See p65)

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